Fiesta Bowl Hero’s Wedding Receives Racist Threats.

Ian Johnson, the Boise State running back who scored on a Statue of Liberty play in the Fiesta Bowl to pull off a major upset of Oklahoma and proposed to his cheerleader girlffriend in the end zone has received racist threats leading up to their wedding day. Johnson and his fiancee Chrissy Popadics are scheduled to be married Saturday in Boise.

Since his January 1st proposal, Johnson has received phone calls, letters and personal threats.

Johnson’s comment on the situation summed up my exact sentiments, “”It’s really sad because a lot of people that are probably doing it are the same people who were cheering me on.”

Kinda reminds me of the scene in “Do the Right Thing”, where Mookie asks Vito who his favorite athlete is, he says Magic Johnson, his favorite actor is Eddie Murphy. When he’s reminded that they’re Black he can’t grasp that thought. Like having an extraordinary talent washes away your identity.

I think a good bit of white society takes that approach until something as real as an interracial wedding comes up and then they fall back on ignorance.

Johnson was the biggest thing in Idaho since au gratin potatoes, until he decided to marry his white girlfriend in Boise.

It seems that the people behind this looked past the fact that Johnson brought some acclaim to an otherwise dull place, instead taking the liberty to let him know that other than toting the rock on Saturdays, he was no more important to them than the paper his scholarship was written on.


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