Tough Week Ahead For Bonds?


If Barry Bonds is going to tie and break Hank Aaron’s record in the near future it will be in unfriendly territory.  The slugger was unable to accomplish either during the San Francisco Giants last home series against the Florida Marlins, so now they must travel to Dodger Stadium for a series against the hated Dodgers who’s fans in the words of Bonds,  “Are the ones that chant “Barry Sucks!” the loudest.” From there it’s on to San Diego to face the Padres. Last season in San Diego a fan tossed a syringe st Bonds while he waited on the on deck circle.

Whether the record falls in Dodger Stadium or Petco Park (or whatever it’s called this week) or anywhere other than AT&T Park, I pray that there is better security for Bonds then there was for Aaron when he broke Babe Ruth’s record.  For all of the racist threats that Aaron receive during his pursuit, and to have two white guys out of the stands running along side of you once you break the record? And he Aaron broke the record at home.  Although they meant no ill will, had to be a very, very uncomfortable moment. For Bonds, I believe manager Bruce Bochy will do what he can to allow Bonds the chance to break the record on his own home turf.

Anything else is simply playing with fire.


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