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Vick Must Make a Decision.


As of yesterday Michael Vick’s two co-defendants have decided to cooperate with the Federal Government in convicting him on charges that he financed a dogfighting ring. Swimwear (women’s) Sports (women’s) from HerRoom

Any lifeline that Vick had to clear his name has gone out the window, he must now make the most important decision of his life – either change his plea to guilty and work out a deal – or go to trial and face a jury. If Vick chooses to go to trial he faces two additional charges that have not yet been mentioned. He has until Friday to enter a guilty plea. I looks like in either scenario, Vick may be facing serious jail time.

How much depends on his decision.


City Under Seige!


Two Hundred Fifty Two (252) murders in my beloved city of Philadelphia this year, we haven’t seen 252 days in the calendar year yet – 222 to be exact. The majority of the murders are by gun and most of the victims are Black. What’s frustrating is the fact that few if any witnesses are offering to help for fear of their own lives. It’s a sad day when a child says that he wishes he was dead so he can be with his mother was killed earlier this year. But these are the days that we’re living in. There is no fear of God and no regard or appreciation of human life.

Police Chief Sylvester Johnson has become the focal point of an outcry for the violence to end, once again people are failing to realize that the problem doesn’t lie with Johnson or Mayor John Street. It begins in the home or lack thereof that our youth are being raised in. I see where many children are being raised by grandparents, aunts, uncles even neighbors in some cases. It starts in the home regardless of who is raising the child, if that person cares enough to feed and clothe that individual then they better care enough to discipline them when they’re wrong.

One thing that stuck with me after my mother got next to me after a bad day in school was the words she told me afterwards, “I beat you because I love you, and if I don’t beat you the cops will.” Upon hearing that my choice was simple.

Thank you mom, may I have another.


Pierce, Allen and Garnett Look to Return Celtics to Glory


Just when I thought the Sixers offseason moves couldn’t look any worse, the Boston Celtics end up with Ray Allen and Kevin Garbett in the span of a little more than a month. This power move puts Boston in the hunt for the Eatern Conference and serious challengers to any team in the Western Conference. Looking at both deals I can’t say that GM Danny Ainge mortagaged the future of the franchise. One thing that I’m certain of, Red Auerbach is somewhere lighting up a victory cigar.