Go Get Ohco-Cinco!!!


The math is simple here for Andy Reid and the Eagles brass, you wiffed on Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald re-signs with the Cards, Roy Williams is going to be locked up by the Lions, and Anquan Boldin may be in Fitzgerald’s teammate for another season so who’s left?

Sports Apparel – Current Cincinnatti Bengals wide reciever Chad Johnson is one of the top three at his position in the NFL, there is no question of his talent or his character. On a team full of repeat offenders Ocho-Cinco is dying to get out of those stripes.

I must give the Eagles front office credit for trying to give Donovan McNabb as many weapons as possible for what may be his last season in midnight green. Nothing would make Eagles fans happier right now than to land Johnson.

From what it looks like in Cincy, Johnson feels betrayed by his coach and others who feel as though his endzone antics and confident quotes are getting old and want him to tone it down. Have the Bengals  front office looked at the police blotter that seems to be filled with plenty of Johnson’s teammates? In his 7 NFL seasons Johnson has had no less that 1,100 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. Many think that this could turn into T.O. II, but that’s not Johnson…never has been.

Make the move Andy, give up a third-round pick…a second if need be to get Johnson, you’re not going to find a player in the draft that can give you what Johnson can give you.


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