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Jimmy Rollins is the 2007 National League MVP!


Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Jimmy Rollins has been named the 2007 National League MVP, beating out Colorado Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday.Rollins was the catalyst in a season that saw the Phils reach the postseason for the first time in 14 years. Rollins would go on record prior to the season stating that the Phillies were the team to beat in the National League East Division. Rollins drew the ire of the rival N.Y. Mets who were picked to win the division but coughed it up in the final two weeks of the season giving the Phillies the division crown and Rollins Cleo status.

The Phillies opened the season without last season’s MVP Ryan Howard for several games and down the stretch were without Chase Utley for a month, who at the time of his injury was the leading MVP candidate. Throughout the season J-Roll was the one constant that manager Charlie Manuel could count on.

Rollins season was one of the best ever by a shortstop or anyone for that matter his numbers are as follows: 716AB (All-time record) 139 Runs, 212 Hits, 38 2B, 20 3B, 30 HR(4th player in Major League History with 20 or more doubles, triples and home runs), 94RBI’s, 41 SB, .296 Avg., .344 On Base %, .531 Slugging %.

Rollins adds the MVP award to his 2007 Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.


Donovan McNabb Auditions Underway


Whether I want to believe it or not; barring a miracle, Donovan McNabb will not be back as quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles next season. Since his “it’s not just me” press conference last week, #5 has been under the gun on talk radio and blogs across the city. I look at these last seven games in the Eagles 4-5 disappointment of a season as an open audition for anyone in need of a top 7 or 8 quarterback in the league.

Looking at McNabb’s numbers the only stat that is down seems to be touchdowns, his passer rating is around 85-90 his completion percentage is at 60 percent. He hasn’t turned the ball over but his pass selection has not improved and his accuracy seems to have taken a step back. With all of that being said I still can’t name 5 quarterbacks that I would take ahead of him.

I’ve been through it with Randall Cunninghan, Charles Barkley and most recently Allen Iverson. Philadelphia ownership always gets rid of it’s notable Black athletes and more often than not it’s a move that comes back to haunt them.


Remembering Hank. Archived 3/09/07


Next Thursday, two words will grab everyone’s attention – March Madness.

Those two words bring me to a name, Hank Gathers Continue reading ‘Remembering Hank. Archived 3/09/07’


Sixty Years of Brothas on the Gridiron.


I’ve been laboring for weeks on how to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of the color barrier being broken in professional football. I could go on for days about Jim Brown, Deacon Jones, and Deion Sanders. And while they deserve credit for bringing pro football to the forefront and “Prime Time” of American sports, there were those that came before the signing bonuses and sneaker deals whose only luxury came from playing the game that they loved in exchange for minimal pay and sometimes hostile treatment. The Civil Rights Movement only reached its peak in the 1960’s; it was fought in locker rooms of professional teams with as much intensity as inside any Southern diner long before protest marches became commonplace. Continue reading ‘Sixty Years of Brothas on the Gridiron.’

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