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Go Get Ohco-Cinco!!!


The math is simple here for Andy Reid and the Eagles brass, you wiffed on Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald re-signs with the Cards, Roy Williams is going to be locked up by the Lions, and Anquan Boldin may be in Fitzgerald’s teammate for another season so who’s left?

Sports Apparel – Current Cincinnatti Bengals wide reciever Chad Johnson is one of the top three at his position in the NFL, there is no question of his talent or his character. On a team full of repeat offenders Ocho-Cinco is dying to get out of those stripes. Continue reading ‘Go Get Ohco-Cinco!!!’


Donovan McNabb Auditions Underway


Whether I want to believe it or not; barring a miracle, Donovan McNabb will not be back as quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles next season. Since his “it’s not just me” press conference last week, #5 has been under the gun on talk radio and blogs across the city. I look at these last seven games in the Eagles 4-5 disappointment of a season as an open audition for anyone in need of a top 7 or 8 quarterback in the league.

Looking at McNabb’s numbers the only stat that is down seems to be touchdowns, his passer rating is around 85-90 his completion percentage is at 60 percent. He hasn’t turned the ball over but his pass selection has not improved and his accuracy seems to have taken a step back. With all of that being said I still can’t name 5 quarterbacks that I would take ahead of him.

I’ve been through it with Randall Cunninghan, Charles Barkley and most recently Allen Iverson. Philadelphia ownership always gets rid of it’s notable Black athletes and more often than not it’s a move that comes back to haunt them.


Birds Getting Healthier As They Approach .500.


After last weeks step-sister ugly win against the New York Jets, the Eagles can see some light at the end of what seemed to be a winding tunnel.

A 2-3 record looks so much better than 1-4, but the opponent this week is no pushover (like the Jets proved not to be) in the Chicago Bears, who come with a banged up but still effective defense and the NFL’s most dangerous player in Devin Hester.

The Eagles can take solace in the fact that some injuries that may have hampered the team  are starting to heal and some much needed help is on the way, most notably in cornerback Lito Sheppard and safety Brian Dawkins.

Expect a  slugfest between to teams that could be headed in two different directions by Sunday night.