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Return of The Mac.

Today Donovan McNabb returns to try and salvage the Philadelphia Eagles season against the N.Y football Giants. For the past two weeks backup A.J. Feeley has been at the helm while McNabb nursed ankle and thumb injuries. McNabb was sacked 12 times in the first meeting of these two teams, the Eagles will have tackle Williams Thomas and running back Brian Westbrook who did not play in the first meeting.

The game plan is simple for the Eagles today – win and your still alive for the postseason, lose – and it’s a wrap. Prepare to see rookie Kevin Kolb.


Desperate times call for desperate measures – and no team has killed the Giants more in the past 3-4 years than Westbrook, the plan is simple – get it to Westbrook as much and as often  as possible, including special teams – if last week’s near game-winning return wasn’t an indication that Andy Reid needs to stop playing him like he’s made of glass, nothing will. He’s been relatively healthy all season and he’s more rested at this point of the season than he’s ever been. Too much is at stake for him not to see about 30-35 total touches today, especially since the G-Men will be without linebacker Antonio Pierce.


Harry Edwards: The Black Voice in Sports

When Harry Edwards organized the Olympic Project for Human Rights in the fall of 1967, I don’t think he realized the long-term effect it would have on American sports and society.

For Jackie Robinson it took his signature, for Rosa Parks it was a simple “No”, for OPHR members Tommy Smith and John Carlos it took two black gloves, beads, no shoes, and balls the size of a Spalding to give us the most poignant image in the history of American sports.

This wasn’t a spur of the moment occurrence, this was a very well calculated move made by Edwards to show the world on its most harmonic stage that the Black Athlete is the by product of the Civil Rights nightmare in America. These athletes were facing the same struggles in institutions of higher learning as their parents were back in their hometowns. The fact that they were participating in the Mexico City Olympics was irrelevant. From Jack Johnson to Barry Bonds, the Black Athlete has been the object of Continue reading ‘Harry Edwards: The Black Voice in Sports’


The Sixers Showing Some Fight.

The 76’ers have been reading their own press clippings; it has shown 6 games into the season. They have been in all of their games except one. They are off to a 2-4 start, but the team has shown hustle. Willie Green has looked good in the starting 2-spot. And Reggie Evans has been a monster on the boards allowing Samuel Dalembert to roam more defensively.  Andre Miller has been the glue to the team and has given more offensively. The team is still young and there will be some bumps in the road but I like the fact that they are in every game. One faux pas that the team has is guarding the perimeter and a physical presence in the paint. Other than that, it’s a far cry from what many pre-season pundits said about the team.

The one down side early on is that management failed to re-sign Andre Iguodala meaning that they are not able to discuss a new deal until after the season ends.


Patriot Games.

57936620-9ac0-466b-821f-b0b54cba596b_thumbnail.jpgBill Belichick was caught last week stealing signs against the N.Y. Jets last week. I don’t know what’s more discouraging; the fact that he was warned by Commissioner Roger Goodell prior to last week or the fact that he was stealing signs from the not-so-good Jets.

I wonder what the reaction would’ve been if this had been Tony Dungy? We wouldn’t be so amazed at the audible capability of Peyton Manning and of course the Colts Super Bowl Championship would be called into question.


Hello world!

Welcome to The Brother  Report, an alternative view of today’s Black Athletes in America. I’m not looking to change the game, only to level the playing field.